She spoke of how she was moved to be a naturalist. a butterfly that gained his nectar from tree sap with the help of a bird. the trees that reach out to each other using tiny fibers of fungus to communicate and cooperate the hummingbird that builds his nest of lichen, human hair and spiderwebs What motivation more to direct your life? And what better place than this island of tranquility – this place where tree and vernal pool are given room – where woodland trails crisscross the lightly rolling hills – insulated from the affluence of suburbia. Here is a refuge, a safe and innocent spot the deer know all about (too many deer) who have devoured the understory, dispossessing native birds. So, here before our eyes and ears appears the fragile balance of the earth – here in Earthplace the balance exemplified, as we all hang on the thread of a spiders web.