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from luxurysilklife

How To Choose Silk Pajama Sets Silk pajamas were first worn by royalty. They were considered luxurious items that could only be worn by royalty or wealthy elite. As the years passed and the demand for silk pajamas rose, they became popular among ordinary people, who were able to afford them, but also in fashion shows.

Silk pajamas are 100% pure silk. They're made from 100% man-made organic mulberry silk, which is 100% natural and sustainable resources. Their organic makeup is similar to human skin, and its natural properties make it ideal for use in products.

Silk pajamas have many advantages over cotton pajamas. It has anti-allergenic properties, which makes it a better choice for those with allergies or asthma. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning you won't have an allergic reaction to its use. Its chemical composition is similar to human sebum and has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin.

Silk pajamas can also help maintain skin health. The skin can become dry if too much moisture is trapped under the fabric, which can result in redness, cracking, flaking, and irritation. In addition to keeping skin moisturized, silk helps protect it against sunburns and other damage from the sun.

Silk also allows air to flow better through your body. The fibers allow air to circulate, which prevents congestion on your skin and in your lungs.

Pajama sets also come in a variety of styles and colors, so that you can find a set that's just right for your bedding and your personality. If you like pajama sets that have cute animal print designs, or you prefer more subdued patterns, then you will love a set that has different prints.

As far as the material goes, there are a few options that you should know about before you go shopping. Some fabrics can absorb stains, while others can fade.

For a good fit and for maximum comfort, always choose a pair of pajamas with a lining. {unless your budget does not allow for a lining. A well-made pair will last you for several years, so if you buy the wrong size it's no big deal.

There are two types of silk: virgin and semi-precious. Virgin silk has been spun, and therefore the fibers aren't exposed to damage during the manufacturing process. The fibers are still smooth but not shiny, and this means that your pajama set will feel softer and will last longer.

Semi-precious silk is grown naturally, and then processed to create various colors. It is often mixed with other synthetic materials to create different shades and textures. This type of silk is softer than virgin but can be damaged if not treated properly.

Cotton is another great choice for pajama sets. It is also very soft and comfortable, but doesn't breathe as well as silk. cotton can trap moisture that can cause wrinkles.

There is a third material that you might want to consider – jute, the most common type of pajama sets are made from wool pajamas. You can't have all three of these materials and still have them all be comfortable. So you can't have wool pajamas and cotton pajamas.

Wool is the most expensive type of material to buy, but it is also very comfortable. You won't want to put on wool pajamas after a long cold night.

However, it's important to note that there are some types of fabric that are a bit more expensive than others. When buying silk, cotton, jute, and wool, look for the material that is the same price as the fabric you would buy. for a bed sheet.

Choosing the right fabrics can make a huge difference in comfort. Choose the ones that have the right density, and smoothness. The best way to get the feel that you want for your bed is to have a nice light weight material like cotton. or jute. 100% Mulberry Silk Sleepwears And Luxury Silk Bedding – https://luxurysilklife.com/collections/silk-bedding


from Best2job98

ارتباط مغز و روده پژوهشگران دانشگاه دوک در مطالعه اخیر خود نشان دادند که ارتباط میان روده و مغز می‌تواند به شکل‌گیری احساس جدیدی منجر شود. با اینکه پژوهش‌های جدید، ارتباط شگفت‌انگیز میان روده و مغز را به سرعت کشف می‌کنند، اما اطلاعات کمی در مورد ارتباط میان این دو اندام بدن وجود دارد. این بررسی مدار مستقیمی را میان روده و مغز نشان می‌دهد که امکان ارتباط سریع حسی میان روده و مغز و ارسال کارآمد سیگنال‌ها را فراهم می‌کند. این پژوهش، با یک کشف بزرگ در سال ۲۰۱۵ آغاز شد. این کشف نشان داد سلول‌های “انترواندوکرین”(انترواندوکرین) که در روده قرار دارند، نخستین گیرنده حسی هستند که با مغز ارتباط برقرار می‌کنند. این سلول‌ها، پایانه‌های عصبی را در بر دارند که می‌توانند مستقیما با عصب‌های واگ و در نهایت مغز ارتباط برقرار کنند. این پژوهش جدید، ابتدا ارتباط مستقیم و تقریبا سریع میان روده و مغز را مشخص کرد. سپس، یک موش مبتلا به ویروس رابیس، مورد بررسی قرار گرفت. هنگامی که روده، مغز را از وجود ویروس آگاه کرد، ردیابی سیگنال ارتباطی، واکنش فوری در عصب واگ را نشان داد و مشخص شد که یک سیگنال می‌تواند در کمتر از ۱۰۰ میلی‌ ثانیه، از روده به ساقه مغز برسد. پژوهشگران برای درک این مدار عصبی، سلول‌های انترواندوکرین را به همراه نورون‌های عصب واگ، در ظروف آزمایشگاهی پرورش دادند. این دو عنصر، نه تنها به سرعت ارتباط را مشخص کردند، بلکه نشان دادند گلوتامات که یک پیام‌رسان عصبی پایه‌ای است، میزان انتقال را تنظیم می‌کند. این آزمایش، مشخص کرد که سلول‌های انترواندوکرین، با به کار انداختن هورمون‌ها، سیگنال را به مغز نمی‌رسانند، بلکه می‌توانند به طور مستقیم با سیناپس‌های عصبی در ارتباط باشند.


from Best2job98

10 نمایندگی برتر کولرگازی ال جی کولرگازی ال جی به حفظ دمای مناسب محیط کمک شایانی می کند. با شروع هوای سرد یکی از اقداماتی که باید در اسرع وقت انجام شود تهیه سیستم گرمایش منزل است. اگر از سیستم تهویه مطبوع LG استفاده می‌کنید، توصیه می‌کنیم با رعایت دستورالعمل‌های موجود در این دفتر، تهویه هوا را به راحتی روشن کرده و تنظیمات لازم را انجام دهید. دستگاه‌های گرمایش به ما کمک می‌کنند دمای استاندارد محیط را حفظ کنیم. دمای استاندارد برای انسان معمولاً بین 20 تا 26 درجه سانتیگراد است. اگر سیستم تهویه هوا شما گرم نمی‌شود یا به خوبی گرم نمی‌شود، بهتر است به نکاتی که در ادامه این راهنما ذکر شده است توجه کنید. نکاتی در مورد حالت گرمایش کولرگازی ال جی کولرگازی ال جی را ابتدا باید بررسی کنید تا بدانید که سیستم تهویه شما مجهز به حالت گرمایش است یا نه. بهتر است در مورد این کتابچه راهنمای کاربر یا پشتیبانی محصول بپرسید. اگر سیستم تهویه مطبوع شما مجهز به سیستم گرمایشی است، برای تنظیم حالت گرمایش، این مراحل را دنبال کنید: ابتدا دکمه تنظیم دما را انتخاب کنید. این کلید یا گزینه Mode است یا با چهار نماد (خورشید، قطره، نیم رخ، ستاره) مشخص شده است. سپس علامت خورشید را انتخاب کنید. چند بار فشار دادن دکمه Mode گزینه خورشید را فعال می‌کند. درجه حرارات کولرگازی LG در حالت گرمایش به چه شکل تنظیم می‌شود؟ محدوده دمای قابل انتخاب برای حالت گرمایشی در اکثر سیستم‌های تهویه مطبوع LG از 16 تا 30 درجه است. برای تنظیم دمای اتاق، درجه را با دکمه Temp انتخاب کنید، که در واقع با نمادهای تنظیم دما مطابقت دارد. 30 درجه گرمترین حالت و 16 درجه سردترین حالت است. چه عواملی باعث می‌شود گاهی کولرگازی ال جی گرمای مطلوبی نداشته باشد؟ علت عملکرد پیش گرمایش کولرگازی ال جی Hot start چیست؟ هنگامی که واحد را در حالت گرمایشی روشن می‌کنید، تهویه هوا ابتدا وارد مرحله شروع گرم می‌شود. این عملکرد برای جلوگیری از فرار هوای سرد از دریچه خروجی تهویه هوا است. بنابراین در ابتدا دستگاه منفجر نمی‌شود، اما پس از مدتی شروع به کار می‌کند. این طبیعی است و برای تهویه هوا مشکلی ندارد. در طول این عملیات، دمپر تهویه هوا برای لحظه‌ای باز می‌شود و سپس در وضعیت نیمه باز قرار می‌گیرد. تا دمای داخل پنل تهویه مطبوع به 28 درجه سانتیگراد نرسد. بعد از اینکه دمای داخلی تهویه هوا به 28 درجه سانتیگراد رسید، دمپر باز می‌شود و تهویه هوا گرم می‌شود. در مرحله پیش گرم کردن، پنل پنل A / C خاموش است و موتور A / C (کمپرسور) و فن تهویه هوا خارجی (فن کندانسور) روشن هستند. در برخی مدل‌ها، این عملکرد با گزینه پیش گرم شدن در پنل تهویه هوا نمایش داده می‌شود. چرا عملیات یخ زدایی کولرگازی ال جی (Defrost) مانع گرمادهی می‌شود؟ هنگامی که دستگاه در حالت گرمایش است، گرما را از صفحه جدا می‌کند و سرما را از دستگاه خارجی خارج می‌کند. پس از مدتی این چرخه باعث یخ زدگی و دمای پایین در ناحیه کندانسور (کویل در واحد خارجی) تهویه هوا می‌شود. در این زمان، پنل تهویه هوا متوقف می‌شود و دیگر گرم نمی‌شود. این توقف به دلیل عملکرد یخ زدایی است که بطور خودکار انجام می‌شود. برای یخ زدایی از لوله‌ها و بالا بردن درجه حرارت در ناحیه کندانسور، سیستم تهویه هوا به طور خودکار چرخه وظیفه را تغییر داده و گاز گرم را به داخل لوله‌های واحد فضای بیرونی هدایت می‌کند تا یخ‌ها را ذوب کرده و دمای آن را در ناحیه واحد فضای باز بالا ببرد. این عملکرد یخ زدایی و روند طبیعی دستگاه است. بنابراین، دستگاه دوباره وارد مدار گرمایش می‌شود و باد دوباره گرم می‌شود. هنگامی که سیستم تهویه هوا در حالت یخ زدگی است، کمپرسور (موتور) روشن است، اما فن پنل داخلی و خارجی خاموش است. عملکرد یخ زدگی در روزهای سرد بیشتر دیده می‌شود و طبیعی است. در روزهای بسیار سرد و برفی، کولر گازی اغلب به حالت یخ زدایی می‌رود. نمادی برای این قطره و ستاره‌ای است که در پنل تهویه هوا ظاهر می‌شود.






from Best2job98

اولین اسکنر کامل بدن اولین اسکنر کامل بدن به نام “اکسپلورر” (EXPLORER) تصاویر سه‌بعدی را با جزئیات پزشکی بیشتر و سریع‌تر ارائه می‌کند. پس از گذشت بیش از یک دهه توسعه، اولین اسکنر پزشکی کامل بدن در جهان، اولین تصاویر خود را تولید کرده است. این دستگاه تصویربرداری مبتکرانه تقریبا ۴۰ برابر سریع‌تر از اسکن‌های PET یا برش‌نگاری با گسیل پوزیترون کنونی است و می‌تواند یک تصویر سه‌بعدی از کل بدن انسان طی یک اسکن فوری ارائه دهد. “اکسپلورر” اسکنر تمام بدنی است که اسکن PET و سی‌تی اسکن را ترکیب می‌کند. نمونه اولیه این دستگاه پس از سال‌ها تحقیق، در سال ۲۰۱۶ معرفی شد. سپس بعد از آزمایشات گسترده، اولین دستگاه در اندازه انسان در اوایل سال ۲۰۱۸ ساخته شد. با همکاری دانشمندان موسسه “یو سی دیویس” و مهندسان چینی واقع در شانگهای، در نهایت اولین تصاویر اسکن انسان توسط این دستگاه به نمایش گذاشته شد. نتایج این تحقیق باور نکردنی توصیف شده است و تیم تحقیقاتی EXPLORER می‌تواند تحقیقات بالینی و مراقبت از بیمار را متحول کند. اسکنر جدید پیشرفت قابل توجهی را در سیستم‌های تصویربرداری فعلی ارائه می‌دهد. علاوه بر ارائه اسکن سریع‌تر، یک تصویر از کل بدن ارائه می‌دهد که تولیدش تنها ۲۰ تا ۳۰ ثانیه طول می‌کشد. این دستگاه به طور موثر تا ۴۰ برابر حساس‌تر از سیستم‌های اسکن تجاری رایج است. این ویژگی‌ها به این معنی است که “اکسپلورر” با استفاده از دوزهای بسیار پایین‌تری از ردیاب‌های پرتوی نسبت به میزان رایج کنونی، می‌تواند عکس‌های دقیق‌تری را تولید کند. حساسیت بالای تصاویر تولیدی آن همچنین به پزشکان اجازه می‌دهد تا اهداف مولکولی خاصی را که فراتر از محدودیت‌های سیستم‌های اسکن فعلی هستند، ببینند. شاید کاربرد هیجان‌انگیز و جدید این سیستم این باشد که توانایی گرفتن تصاویر از تمام بدن را به صورت لحظه‌ای دارد. سیستم‌های فعلی اساسا آهسته و ناکارآمد هستند و گرفتن تصویر آنها ۳۰ تا ۴۰ دقیقه طول می‌کشد. “اکسپلورر” به طور کامل نوع جدیدی از تصویربرداری تشخیصی را فراهم می‌کند که برای مثال می‌تواند اندازه‌گیری جریان خون یا نحوه مصرف گلوکز را در زمان واقعی در سراسر بدن انجام دهد.


from Best2job98

تولد نخستین نوزادان با کمک اصلاح ژن گروهی از دانشمندان چینی موفق شدند برای نخستین بار، نوزادانی را با کمک اصلاح ژنتیکی به دنیا بیاورند. یک دانشمند چینی ادعا کرد که موفق شده برای نخستین بار، نوزادانی را با روش اصلاح ژنتیکی به وجود آورد. دکتر “جیانکوی هه”(Jiankui He)، پس از اینکه با استفاده از فناوری کریسپر و برطرف کردن ژن “CCR5 gene”، اصلاحاتی در رحم به وجود آورد، موفق شد دو نوزاد دختر دوقلو به دنیا بیاورد. دکتر “هه” و گروه پژوهشی او در “دانشگاه علم و فناوری جنوب”(SUSTech) چین، از فناوری کریسپر برای حذف ژن CCR5 استفاده کردند تا نوزادانی مقاوم در برابر ایدز به دنیا بیاورند. “هه” در مصاحبه خود گفت: من مسئولیت بزرگی را در این زمینه احساس می‌کردم و قصد داشتم این آزمایش، نخستین نمونه مثال‌زدنی در نوع خود باشد. چکیده این طرح پژوهشی نشان می‌دهد که زمان تعیین شده برای آزمایش، از هفت مارس سال ۲۰۱۷ تا هفت مارس سال ۲۰۱۹ است. در این آزمایش، زوج‌های ساکن چین که نیازهای مربوط به سلامتی آنها برطرف شده و مایل به انجام دادن لقاح مصنوعی هستند، شرکت دارند. هدف پژوهشگران از این آزمایش، به دنیا آوردن نوزادان سالم مقاوم در برابر ویروس ایدز و ارائه بینش‌های جدیدی برای از بین بردن بیماری‌های ژنتیکی در رحم انسان است. من باور دارم که این آزمایش می‌تواند به خانواده‌ها و فرزندان کمک کند. من هم درد این گونه افراد را احساس می‌کنم و قصد دارم مسئولیت خود را در این باره انجام دهم.


from teriklein

Write Here. August 27. Earth Place

Earth is a place where we all live . How easy it is to forget the

importance of the land, trees, plants and creatures who reside

here. We are only visitors, yet the footprints we humans make,

may determine the outcome of all the inhabitants of this planet.

I was fascinated sitting here among the tall upright trunks and

canopy of leaves to learn of the connectiveness of trees.

(a gentle wind blows quietly through us and and the trees

joining us to this space)

It seems almost unbelievable that these stately trees are

connected to each other through an underground fungal network that

allows them to reach out , and care for each other. This is a perhaps

a lesson we all need to learn if this place of earth we call home

is to survive for future generations.



from L. Montano

“Westport musings”

You drive by, from one place to the next. As a long-time Westport resident, you know the shortcuts to your destination of the day. Only sporadically you pause to contemplate, to relish the many places in town, at least that’s what happens to me sometimes. Reconnecting with the town, through writing, offers an opportunity to reaffirm our desire to remain anchored.

The WriteHere idea was simple: Open to the community, participants were encouraged to unveil their writing creativity by connecting with our place, Westport.

Writing about life and experience in Westport led sometimes to dig into past memories that brought some nostalgia for the old Westport; other times to reflect on current town life, our hopes and sense of renewal.

The placemaking writing project leader was as bright as a bulb, as bubbly as fine champagne. She convened her cohorts of the day to quintessential community places where even town old-timers either had never been to or had visited those places a long time ago. Open to the whole town, some people joined, some others couldn’t. Regardless, her enthusiasm never diminished, the same caring and cheering for that one day, that one moment, that one place.

Inspiring places and settings were called on: Starting and ending with The Library. The Brick Walk welcomed us on a beautiful mid-day with a chorus of crows inspiring stories of the Saugatuck. The visit to an emblematic coffee-shop at our Saugatuck Train Station, part-taking doughnuts and coffee while some participants composed poetry, kids wrote or drew their story; while others wrote about their experiences as commuters or incorporated historic events after a great history lesson of the Westport railroad station. The visits to the police station and the firehouse showed us what community service looks like, filling us with gratitude, as evidenced by the writings. And the playhouse, ah… It inspired many wonderful stories that linked the playhouse to old times, to famous people in town, to the resilience of that little art-house to remain vibrant and spread appreciation for the arts and culture in town.

The writing sessions at the Dimes Marina, Compo Beach, and Longshore provided settings of bright sun and the summer taste of Westport

Using the Earthspace as our muse brought us in close contact with our environment, with earthly things, and inspired us to write about and connect with nature, recognizing the effort involved in preserving a healthy ecosystem. From our town’s environment and caring for the Earth, we focused our imagination on the space beyond – the Universe, the Cosmos. The Observatory visit reminded us how committed people keep our Town apprised of what lies in Space, the history of the place, and inspired writing about that part of science that makes children’s eyes widen in wonderment and excitement, and make us adults act like children. These and several other places visited define Westport, give it its character and inspired us to write and write.

WriteHere was a great idea that merits repeating. Thanks to the people who graciously invited us to the places visited. They radiated their devotion and enthusiasm to the cause of their place of work, shared their love for what they do, how they got there and showed us that they are people with a mission, worthy missions. …

Thanks, Jan for your indomitable enthusiasm, your ideas, your hard work. From constant reminders about posting our stories to carrying heavy shopping bags to keep us hydrated and munching on our snacks. I am pleased I had the opportunity to hear other voices, other stories, other experiences rooted in this place, Westport.


from L. Montano

“Westport Skies” (Astronomical Society)

The Universe, encircling us, tranquil made of galaxies that are thousands, millions, billions of light-years away encapsulating a profusion of stellar events of swirling galaxies like our Milky Way and our neighbor Andromeda.

Galaxies in suspension, the calm after explosions, expansion, and contraction, where nothing is ephemeral, and nothing can be proved eternal. Where calmness is not stillness and faraway galaxies twirl in rhythmic gyrations, some stars dying, others being born.

The parts of the resplendent Cosmos that human intelligence and endeavor uncover illuminate our understanding of what is knowable, and it humbles us with its magnificence.

We are brought closer to the Firmament and we dream explorers’ dreams. Even as we discover ice water in our own satellite, the moon, explorers imagine breaking apart its hydrogen and oxygen molecules to convert them into rocket fuel. We discover gold and other metals and imagine how will we use it and who should claim ownership. And these imaginings are just about our moon.

We are barely grasping exploring our solar system, much less our galaxy.
And through the vast unknown we recognize the fragility of our earthling existence.

As the race for galactic discovery continues, a special kind of committed Cosmos-lovers come together to share their passion, wonderment, and knowledge with their local communities.
People who form astronomical societies like our own in Westport bring to us the marvels of the Firmament. Their service to the community is meaningful and invaluable.



from D.Rauh


Now that Write Here Westport is ending, I feel regret that it is over. It has been a unique experience for me, not only because of its place-focusing design, but because it has opened my eyes to such a variety of facets of my town. I think back on where we’ve been this last month and the different relationships I have had with the places we visited. Some are today almost daily spaces in my life; the Y, the Senior Center, the Library – some are current but only on occasion; the Playhouse, Longshore, the Farmers Market and some bring echoes of a vital past; Earthplace (when it was the Nature Center), Compo Beach, Wakemen’s Town Farm – and there were a few first timers, even for me who has lived here since 1956; the police station, Toquet Hall, the Boardwalk at National Hall, the (Rolnick) Westport Observatory. All have given me a sense of place, but perhaps more importantly, it is the people who were present at each that leave the most indelible mark. I have a sense of Longshore but it is the words tumbling out in enthusiastic intensity about the Gatsby tie, that makes the strongest connection- or the policeman that started out a journalism major, and still brings strengths from that talent to his vocation for law enforcement – the head of Parks and Rec who fought a career that she brings so much to, the site supervisor at Compo whose background in marketing and policing helps to make us safe and welcome, the naturalist at Earthplace that traces her love of nature to a hummingbird’s nest, a town historian who was with us in a few sites and speaks his love of place in every word. Places and people, that’s what makes up my Westport now, my legacy from Write Here.


from Cuteness

GRWM New language

Today Im going to start making a number language I think its going to be very fun I so Excited i think I know Just where to start Im going to write one of the Page's with the number and then what letter is means. So In my next articles Im Going to write down the numbers that mean the letter so me and you guys can speak the same Language, By the way the name of my new Language is called Cutemini Girl's.

Bye guys Hope you Enjoyed my Article's make sure to check out my other Article's
By: Alianna nelson


from Jewel

National Hall/Famous Artists School

When I was a child, my parents smoked. I, on the other hand, was the original nonsmoking campaign – damaging to health, yellowing the walls and curtains, that smell you just couldn't get rid of. I took a puff once when no one was looking. It was foul.

But one summer day, a friend and I found a book of matches. Inside was a simple drawing of a man's face and information on how to win an opportunity to become a famous artist. All you had do was copy the drawing, exactly as in the matchbook. My friend and I spent the rest of the day drawing. I wouldn't be confined to copying the silly head. I produced nothing to submit. She did version after version and decided to send one. She was accepted. While she never enrolled, she did become an artist — and a smoker.


from D.Rauh


It rained the night I finally made it to the Westport Observatory. I’ve known it was here since it became the Westport version of what to do with an abandoned Nike site. I mostly forgot it was here after the kids left school. But now, because of ‘Write Here’ it is back in my life. Maybe on some super clear Wednesday I will make the effort to connect myself to the night sky – to squint into some version of what Galileo wrought – to expand my sense of sight – to catch a glimpse of a nebula – the surface of the moon -the milky way. To find out, once again, how miniscule I really am, how insignificant this world I live on really is, confronted by the vastness of the universe that is available by looking through the eyepiece of a scope, as long as it doesn’t rain.


from D.Rauh


She spoke of how she was moved to be a naturalist. a butterfly that gained his nectar from tree sap with the help of a bird. the trees that reach out to each other using tiny fibers of fungus to communicate and cooperate the hummingbird that builds his nest of lichen, human hair and spiderwebs What motivation more to direct your life? And what better place than this island of tranquility – this place where tree and vernal pool are given room – where woodland trails crisscross the lightly rolling hills – insulated from the affluence of suburbia. Here is a refuge, a safe and innocent spot the deer know all about (too many deer) who have devoured the understory, dispossessing native birds. So, here before our eyes and ears appears the fragile balance of the earth – here in Earthplace the balance exemplified, as we all hang on the thread of a spiders web.


from D.Rauh


We were treated to an enthusiastic and personal history of Longshore and its and Westport’s involvement in the Gatsby-Fitzgerald era and the excesses of the turn of the century and twenties. I find that I am not impressed, but rather oppressed by these tales of the super-rich, they seem to hit too closely to what is going on these days. I know I am hopelessly middle class and the stories of fabulous parties where stagecoach hold-ups were staged importing real cowboys and native Americans, don’t astonish, just shout unnecessary extravagance, and self- aggrandizement. I have never considered that I might be part of this society and remember viewing the muck-e-mucks pictures in the rotogravure sections of my folks Sunday papers as if they lived in a different world. I am troubled, not amused by the spending that marched lines of circus animals down Compo Parkway for no purpose than the fact that they could – although I have the hypocritical feeling that if I was around those days, I would have noisily lined the roadside. The transformation of Longshore from a private kingdom to a public space rings truer to my heart. But even here; I have never learned to golf, my tennis days were gone long before I moved to Westport, and the lessons I learned at the Sailing School long forgot. Compo Beach has been my steady choice.


from D.Rauh


For me there is some special connection I have with live actors that is not quite there on a movie screen or TV. Ever since I could remember my mom and dad would make a point of going to Broadway, even in the depression when money was hard to come by. It was always worth being there even if it meant a trek to the second balcony for 55 cents or $1.10 – that was better than not going. That legacy left me, as I had a family of my own and moved to Westport, with subscriptions to the Playhouse in the summer, and Long Wharf in the winter. There is magic in these places. The whole experience; from the presenting of the ticket to the usher, the scrabbling across the early arrivals to achieve a seat, the scanning of the program for the promise of what’s to come, the thrill as the lights go down– the voice of the announcer welcoming and acknowledging, the hush as the setting becomes visible and the first actor begins to move. And then – not always, but if the skill of the wordsmith and the players touch me, I am no longer a part of an audience watching a performance – I am suddenly, unconsciously THERE. I have become part of the texture of what is happening before my eyes, one with the real people living the story unfolding around me – feeling what they are, caught in the magic. The applause is a transition and I gather up my things, not quite sure of where I am, only knowing I have been totally out of myself for a while, often with tears having left a trail I choose not to obscure.


from Jcar

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 “Historical Society”

It's crazy to think about how much of our memories are tied to the place that they occur. How that can effect what and how we remember? Each place that you go even a new place has a history of its own before you even set foot in there. What is that history? How do you connect to it? What are the parts that you find most interesting and engaging? Why this place and why now? What made you say today is the day I will go there? Now that you are here, you become a part of that place's history just as it becomes a part of yours. With each new piece of information you learn, you evolve into a different person. I have always been fascinated by what lies in the history of each place I visit. How it connects with what I am doing now? How are these artifacts presented here in such a way that they are a part of the past and the future?