August 10, 2019

“Down by the River”

Cities, towns, hamlets. What makes them distinctive, and soothing? It’s a river going through them. It gives them personality and a place for the community to gather.

I remember this area, the way it was in the late 80s. It looked majestic to me. It looked “seasoned”. When we first came to town we would walk around the bridge and the combination of river flowing and static buildings constructed by inhabitants of the past brought out the permanence of its scenic beauty and the flow of changes, like the river.

I drive through this part of town almost daily, but never stop to enjoy the area along the river and around the bridge anymore. I remember the old firehouse, the old library building, the several movie theaters we used to have. The area has in many ways remained true to itself while accepting embellishment and keeping pace with the times. I like that too. But the charm of its past was what attracted me to the town and kept me here.

Change and innovation offer the possibility of renewal. Yet keeping the character, the spirit of its past, while absorbing the influence of many generations of newcomers from different parts help make this place special. Here, you want to breathe deep and sigh...