GRWM New language

Today Im going to start making a number language I think its going to be very fun I so Excited i think I know Just where to start Im going to write one of the Page's with the number and then what letter is means. So In my next articles Im Going to write down the numbers that mean the letter so me and you guys can speak the same Language, By the way the name of my new Language is called Cutemini Girl's.

Bye guys Hope you Enjoyed my Article's make sure to check out my other Article's
By: Alianna nelson

One day it was my birthday I was turning 10. My mom was running late to my birthday party because she was getting me my present by the time she got there it was time to blow out my candles on my birthday cake. After we all cut the cake and ate it, It was time to open gifts and there was 24 people at my birthday and my mom wanted to give me her present last so after all 24 presents I finally got to my moms present. As I was opening it I was thinking what it could be and when I saw the top I saw a little cage and a little cute tiny Pomeranian was in there I was so happy I almost cried but instead I got up and gave my mom a big hug and said thank you

In the mornings I wake up and go on my phone for a little. Then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and use the bathroom. Next, I go to the kitchen to get some cereal for breakfast. After, I go back up stairs to take a shower and get dressed. Finally, I go where I need to go for the day and come back usually in the afternoon maybe after Lunch.