The House

A building is a funnel, a telescope, a microscope, leading to a world, or many worlds. The Historical Society house is one obvious pathway to myriad stories/places/lives in Westport, throughout Connecticut, or across America.

Every building is a doorway to the past, of the area and the people and objects and animals. A doorway to the past -the good times, the bad times, the families and incidents and events.

But, perhaps this gateway may be seen as a portal from the past to the present – and even into the future. We are all products of our environment, and the house is probably the most significant manifestation of our memories of our past. And how then could it not play a major role in formulating our present (and future)?

Think of that the next time you remember the house.

The River – and More

Now it is serene and peaceful and calm – perhaps more beautiful at high tide – but there is a beauty in the mud and plants and, yes, debris at low tide as well. Life consists of high tides and low tides – to each its own. And life wouldn't be real without the highs and lows. How can we appreciate the highs without comparison to the lows, when things maybe weren't as we might like them?

Perhaps that is why people from times primeval have clustered along rivers – the sleepy village, the thriving metropolis. A metaphor for life itself.

So let us give thanks that providence has lead us to the banks of this beautiful river!